The 5-1 rotation

This is the system that the majority of the teams will use this season and it's the most common volleyball rotation in use. Do read the document, which is really well written and will explian everything you need to know about positioning at serve, serve receive, defence and movement for cover. More importantly it explains why we set up like we do, why some front court players start at the back and who the front court players set up around, as well as why we stack.

Training starts today

We start training today at 5pm at RSS in Kings Langley to prepare for the 2018/19 season. Training consists of two sessions from 5pm to 6.45pm and then 7.15pm to 9pm with an EGM between to discuss our plans for the coming season.

Ian Cheesbrough EVA ref of the year

Our regular Kings Langley Kings 1st Division referee has recently won the coveted referee of the year award from the England Volleyball Association. Ian has always been a great supporter of the club and Herts Volleyball Association, so we'd like to offer up our congratulations.

Referee of the Year: Ian Cheesbrough

Summer Volleyball with Kings Langley

The indoor competitve season is now done and through June, July and August we move to social volleyball only. It's a great opportunity to come and meet us if you're interested in joining the club in September. All sessions will be organised through our pages on so if you're interested in playing please sign up.

We will be running two sessions every week.


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