AGM Minutes


Duncan introduced the current committee at the time with him as chair, Thierry as treasurer, Martin as welfare officer and Angelo as the secretary

Team updates

We had 4 teams and here’s how they did:

  • Kings placed 3rd out of 6 and were knocked out of the ¼ finals of cup

  • Knights finished 5th out of 7

  • Chargers 7th out 7

2022 AGM Minutes

Link here and pasted below.

Kings Langley Volleyball Club AGM - 21 August 2022 at 7pm

Attendees: Angelo, Duncan S, Richard, Martin, Theirry, Duncan W, Jackie, Chris, Enrico, Mattia, Sophie, Katia, Guiseppe, Stanley, Charlie, Rachel, Sanly, Germantas, Euan, Adam, Cameron, Yehen, Krystina, Karen, Martina, Martins, Armin, Trevor 


League updates

AGM on Sunday 21st August

We will be holding our AGM at 7pm (just after our regular beach volleyball session) at The Six Bells in St Albans (AL3 4SH) this coming Sunday 21st August. Anybody is welcome, whether you played for the club last year or would like to join us this year.

The 5-1 rotation

This is the system that the majority of the teams will use this season and it's the most common volleyball rotation in use. Do read the document, which is really well written and will explian everything you need to know about positioning at serve, serve receive, defence and movement for cover. More importantly it explains why we set up like we do, why some front court players start at the back and who the front court players set up around, as well as why we stack.


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