Kings Langley Volleyball Tournament 2017

Kings Langley Volleyball Club is proud to announce our inaugural volleyball tournament.

  • Places for 9 teams.
  • Bank Holiday weekend so plenty of time to recover.
  • Intermediate* Mixed Teams.
  • Three hours of volleyball for every team.
  • Three indoor courts.
  • Timed 6v6 matches under modified FIVB Rules.
  • Trophy and medals for the winning team.
  • Registered with Volleyball England.

* Intermediate: We're aiming this tournament at a range of abilities with the aim of having some fun at the end of the volleyball season. We welcome teams with players who are non-beginners, but who may have only played socially, up to teams of players from local Division teams, e.g. HVA Divisional players. What we don't want is teams of NVL players turning up as they wouldn't enjoy it very much. We're not going to be strict on this or start checking player names and registrations, so please abide by the spirit of these guidelines. It's only a cheap plastic trophy after all!

Registration: Download the entry form, complete and return to

Cost: £40 per team payable in advance.

Date: Saturday 27th May (Bank Holiday weekend)

Time: Midday to 7pm

Venue: St. Michael's Catholic High School, High Elms Lane, Watford, Herts, WD25 0SS.
That's just off the M1 at J6 and M25 at J21A.

Facilities: Free parking is available on site. Changing rooms, toilets and showers are available (although we are told the hot water is not always reliable!). We will have drinks for sale (Highland Spring Water, Lucozade Sport and Energy, Orangina and Ribena) but there is otherwise no food or drink available at the school and no shops within walking distance. No smoking, alcohol or pets are allowed on site.

Spectators: Bring the family! Small children should be kept under control to avoid injuries caused by flying balls or players. Photography is welcome.

Teams: You need at least 6 players on the court at the start of each point, but there is no maximum squad size. In the interests of equality, each team must have at least one male and one female player on the court at all times. Juniors are welcome to play, but are treated as adults in this respect. We request that squad strips are worn if available or that same colour shirts are otherwise worn, just because it looks better. Shirt numbering is not mandatory.

Captains: A nominated captain should make themselves known during registration and liaise with the organisers as required. Captains are responsible for ensuring:

  • their team is aware of the rules under which the tournament is run.
  • their team is ready to start their matches on time.
  • they allocate referees and scorers from their team for other matches as laid out below.

First Aid: We're working on assumption that at least a handfull of people turning up are qualified first aiders!

The Competition Format

Teams should arrive by midday to register and warm up. The first match will start at 12.30pm prompt.

The format will be 6-a-side matches running under slightly modified FIVB rules.

Each match will consist of two 21 minute timed sets with a 3 minute break between each set to grab a drink and swap net sides. That means a total match time of 45 minutes.

The first named team on the scoresheet is the "home" team and starts with the serve for the first set on the near side of the sports hall. After the teams swap sides, the "away" team serves for the start of the second set.

Each match will be followed by a 15 minute break to allow teams to recover/warm up.

Round 1 consists of 3 pools of 3 teams. Round 1 pools will be randomly assigned by the organisers.

Each team will play each of the other 2 teams in their pool during Round 1. See Pool Results below.

Round 1 Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3
Match 1 team 1 v team 2 team 4 v team 5 team 7 v team 8
Match 2 team 3 v team 1 team 6 v team 4 team 9 v team 7
Match 3 team 2 v team 3 team 5 v team 6 team 8 v team 9

Following Round 1, there will be a total break of 30 minutes, before Round 2 starts.

Round 2 again consists of 3 pools of 3 teams. The first-place team of each Round 1 pool will go in to Round 2 Pool 1, second-place teams will go in to Round 2 Pool 2 and third-place teams in to Round 2 Pool 3.

Each team will play each of the other 2 teams in their pool during Round 2. See Pool Results below.

Round 2 Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3
Match 1 1st pool 1 v 1st pool 2 2nd pool 1 v 2nd pool 2 3rd pool 1 v 3rd pool 2
Match 2 1st pool 3 v 1st pool 1 2nd pool 3 v 2nd pool 1 3rd pool 3 v 3rd pool 1
Match 3 1st pool 2 v 1st pool 3 2nd pool 2 v 2nd pool 3 3rd pool 2 v 3rd pool 3

The winner of Round 2 Pool 1 will be crowned Tournament Champions and be awarded a team trophy and individual medals (max. of 8 medals).

Pool Results: These are determined by the total number of points scored by the team in their pool matches. In the event of a draw within a pool at the end of either Round 1 or Round 2 (including for Tournament Winners), the following results are examined in order until we have a winner.

  1. The result of the match between the drawing teams: The team with the highest number of points in that match, wins the draw.
  2.  In Round 2 only, the total number of points scored in Round 1: The team with the highest total number of points won, wins the draw.
  3.  In Round 2 only, the total number of points conceded in Round 1: The team with the lowest total number of points lost, wins the draw.
  4.  If a draw still exists: Team captains face-off with a single round of rock-paper-scissors to determine the victorious team!

The final tournament results will be posted on the Kings Langley Volleyball Club website.


Each team not currently playing in their pool must provide a single referee and a single scorer for one of the other pool's matches as directed by the organisers; Pool 1 will officiate over Pool 3, Pool 2 over Pool 1 and Pool 3 over Pool 2.

Before the start of each Round, each team's captain will be given the scorecards for the matches their team has responsibility for officiating.

Each team needs to make sure they have a whistle for their referee.

Referees need not be qualified, but we expect referees to be familiar with the rules and ask that they are consistent and fair in their refereeing.

All players should be mindful and respectful of the possible variance of refereeing between matches. RESPECT at all times please!

Scorers should use tally marks to record each team's score on the scorecard as the match progresses. The layout of the scorecard means it makes sense for the scorer to move to the side of the net to keep the "home" team on their left and the "away" team on their right. On match completion, the scorer should clearly write the total number of match points won by each team on the scorecard and return the scorecard to the organisers' desk straight away.

There are no referee stands available, so refs will be at ground level. Line judges are not mandated, but would be very welcome.

The organisers will take care of all timing and the supply of scorecards and pens.


It's up to the teams, referees and scorers to be ready to start matches on time. The organisers hope to have a whizzy electronic timing and scoring system in place to assist teams and officials, with a range of sounds used to indicate tournament timings. More on the day!

The way the tournament runs; every team will play approximately 3 hours of volleyball, regardless of their final tournament placing.

Time Activity Info
Midday Arrival, registration and warm up  
12.30pm Round 1, Match 1 45 minutes followed by 15 minute break
1.30pm Round 1, Match 2 45 minutes followed by 15 minute break
2.30pm Round 1, Match 3 45 minutes followed by 30 minute break
3.45pm Round 2, Match 1 45 minutes followed by 15 minute break
4.45pm Round 2, Match 2 45 minutes followed by 15 minute break
5.45pm Round 2, Match 3 45 minutes
6.30pm Prize giving, tidy up (please) for 7pm close.

Other Rule Tweaks

Except as already covered above and with the caveat of RESPECT for referees already noted, the following deviations from the official FIVB rules are in place for this tournament. If additional issues are raised during the tournament and cannot be resolved between the teams amicably, the organiser's decision is final. We note that the longer discussions occur during a match, the fewer points the teams can score. We would suggest that any contentious issues are resolved quickly, perhaps by simply replaying the point.

  1. Rotation slips are not required to make match play quicker and refereeing easier, but we expect rotations to be maintained and positional rules, such as back court spiking, to be adhered to.
  2. Substitutions can be made at any time during a match by making the referee aware of the desire to sub. Once subbed, a player cannot re-join the current set. You can sub freely between each match.
  3. No libero players.
  4. No time-outs.
  5. Each match is timed. It will finish after 45 minutes of the official start time, regardless of any delays in starting the match or during the match.
  6. Intentional time-wasting will result in a verbal warning, followed by a loss of the current point with the serve passing to the opposing team.
  7. Sets and matches do not need to be won by two clear points.

The Organiser: The event organiser is Duncan Worrell, who is the Kings Langley Volleyball Club Secretary who will be assisted by other Club members. For full disclosure, Duncan may also be taking part as a player in the tournament.